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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

3 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

The winter season can be pose some dangerous risks for seniors. Check out these winter safety tips for seniors to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Winter is a time when the well-being of seniors is especially vulnerable. It is important to take note of preventative measures you can take to ensure your senior citizen stays safe. Here are three winter safety tips for seniors.

Do Not Slip

Older people are especially vulnerable to complications from slips and falls. Younger people tend to heal relatively quickly when they fall. The muscles and bones of younger people are generally stronger and can withstand more force. Older people have more fragile bones that are more likely to break from slips and falls. In an older person, broken bones take more time to heal and can lead to other health complications for the person.

This is why it is especially important to focus on winter safety for seniors. The winter poses unique challenges to senior safety due to the snow, cold and ice. People have to bundle up in more layers of clothing—layers that they can trip on. The snow and ice create a slippery environment where it is much easier to fall.

To increase winter safety, make sure that they have shoes that provide them with enough traction. If the bottom of a cane is worn out, replace it. Some articles of clothing may be too long or get in the way. If this is the case, alter the articles of clothing so that they don’t pose a potential problem.

Dress For the Weather

A significantly large portion of people who die from hypothermia are over the age of 65. To prevent hypothermia, an older person should be dressed in clothing that will keep him/her warm. Opt for clothing that is practical—not just fashionable. A lot of people tend to wear clothes that aren’t warm enough just because they are fashionable, and they go so far as to dress vulnerable family members, such as small children, in clothes that aren’t really meant for the weather.

Be Mindful About Diet

It is important to be mindful about the diets of older people. This is because weather can make it more difficult for older people to go grocery shopping. Make sure that older people have a variety of different foods readily available so that they do not suffer from nutrient deficiencies.

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