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"Light Housekeeping Chores are Included” for Seniors in Charlotte, NC

Are you a senior citizen living in Charlotte, NC who needs help with light housekeeping chores? If so, contact the caring staff of BlueDot Cares today.

We offer an affordable solution to your problem! Call 704-247-8725 today.

Maintain an orderly living space by letting us handle the cleaning.

BlueDot Cares understands that physical limitations and the effects of aging can keep our clients from completing basic chores. We offer basic housekeeping services to our clients in order to maintain an orderly living space.

Light housekeeping can be defined in many ways, but it typically applies only to the client and the areas used by the client. These areas include the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. For example, after meal preparation and eating meals, our clients can expect the dishes to be cleared away, washed, and put away.

Additionally, our clients can count on their baths being drawn and clean towels being available for their use. Once their baths have concluded, our caregivers are sure to either hang the towels and items used for bathing or put them into the laundry. It is important to have a clean bathroom when caring for seniors and our caregivers make sure to clean up the bathroom after use.

BlueDot caregivers also complete tasks such as watering plants, light dusting of surfaces and organizing clutter. Seniors may also find it difficult to perform chores such as emptying the trash, sweeping and vacuuming the main walk areas. BlueDot caregivers are available to help our clients with these tasks. Basically, BlueDot provides light housekeeping to tidy up areas that our clients use.

Light housekeeping is considered only one part of the overall care for seniors. Other services include respitebathing and groomingcompanionship, mobility assistance and transfersmeal preparationtransportation and errands, which are all provided to seniors to make their lives much safer and more pleasant.

If you are interested in-home care for your loved ones, call 704-247-8725 today.

light housekeeping services charlotte nc
help with housekeeping north carolina

Why not trust an experienced senior caregiver?

BlueDot Cares is the premier Senior Home Care Service provider in Charlotte, NC. We focus on personal care for your needs.

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Home Care Services

Meal Preparation

BlueDot Cares senior meal preparation service includes making well-balanced and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks

Houskeeping Services

BlueDot Cares provides light housekeeping services for your aging loved ones to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clean and uncluttered home


BlueDot Cares senior companion services offer caring assistance and friendship to adults who have difficulty with daily living tasks

Bathing and Grooming

BlueDot Cares bathing and grooming services help keep families and aging loved ones safe in their homes

Mobility and Transfers

BlueDot Caregivers are trained to safely move clients in and out of beds, into chairs or wheelchairs, and onto toilets to help seniors be as comfortable as possible

Errands and Transportation

BlueDot Cares provides safe and trusted escorted transportation services for doctor appointments, daily activities, and errands

Respite Care

BlueDot Cares senior respite care is the perfect solution for providing your loved ones with the individualized care they need