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Elder Care Weddington NC

Why Hydration Should Still Be a Topic to Focus on for Recovery, even During Winter

Elder Care Weddington NC-During the winter months, many people have a tendency to drink far less water than they do during the summer. This is especially...

Elder Care Weddington NC

Elder Care Weddington NCDuring the winter months, many people have a tendency to drink far less water than they do during the summer. This is especially true for men and women who may not be getting the same level of exercise, which causes them to sweat, as they would during the summer months.

During winter, hydration is still essential.

It’s absolutely critical people get proper hydration at all times of the year. During the winter, a heating system is drying moisture out of the air. This causes the air to be dryer than it would normally.
When that happens, it’s also drawing moisture more from the body then it made during the humid summer months. If a person is not exercising, that doesn’t mean he or she requires less water in their body. They still need the same amount, same recommended eight glasses of water every single day.

How can water consumption impact recovery.

If an elder has been hospitalized recently due to some medical emergency or planned major surgery, they will likely be sent home at some point in time to continue with their recovery.

Some of the prescription medications they take might cause their body to become dehydrated more quickly. They may be tasked with exercising to help elevate the heart rate, improving the muscle tone around the heart, and increasing their strength overall.

If they are not drinking plenty of water throughout the day, they can become dehydrated quickly. As a result, they may feel fatigued, worn out, and unmotivated to exercise. Dehydration can also impact of memory and it may have a direct correlation to a person feeling more depressed, anxious, or as though their life no longer has any meaning.

Dry eyes, red eyes, dry skin, and other symptoms could indicate that a person may not be drinking enough water throughout the day. Any symptoms that cause concern for family members or friends should be addressed immediately. The elderly individual should be encouraged to contact his or her doctor to make sure it’s not the side effect of a prescription medication or a complication with the recovery itself.

If they follow their doctor’s recommendations and instructions, the elder should have a good chance at making a decent or even full recovery. Staying properly hydrated throughout the winter and at any time of the year is an important component of recovery.

Not drinking enough water every day could actually lead to a hospital readmission. No one wants that.

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