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Senior Care Indian Land SC

What Can You Do to Help Your Loved One’s Heart Stay Healthy?

Senior Care Indian Land SC-Even if your senior loved one has always had a healthy heart, she still needs to pay attention to her heart health now.

Senior Care Indian Land SC

Senior Care Indian Land SCEven if your senior loved one has always had a healthy heart, she still needs to pay attention to her heart health now. Maintaining heart health can be as simple as adopting some habits that can have far-reaching effects to other body systems, too.

Eat Healthy Foods

If your senior loved one isn’t already eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, it might be time to gradually help her switch her diet over. You can work with a nutritionist to develop an eating plan that gets the most nutritious foods into her meal plans. If your loved one is a more adventurous eater, you might have an easier time convincing her to try new foods.

Exercise Regularly

The more active your loved one can stay, the better for her in so many ways. Find an activity that your loved one truly enjoys to help her to stick with it. Before you start any exercise program, make sure that you talk with her doctor to make sure that your loved one is healthy enough to exercise regularly. He can also let you know the frequency that’s best for your loved one.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Many people don’t equate quality sleep with a healthy heart, but when your loved one is sleeping, her body and her heart are able to heal from the daily damage that they go through. Not getting enough sleep can stress your loved one’s system out and keep her from being able to stay as active as she wants and needs to be.

Banish Stress

Stress does a lot of damage to the human body and if your loved one is experiencing a great deal of stress, she needs to learn to manage it. For some, sleeping well, exercising regularly, and eating healthy foods can be enough to manage stress effectively. Other people are more prone to stress and might need to engage in other activities, such as meditating or learning breathing techniques that can get rid of stress.

Work with your loved one’s doctors and senior care providers to stay on top of your loved one’s heart health plan. As her health changes, you may need to adjust now and again.

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