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Signs that Driving is Becoming Dangerous for an Older Person - Senior Driver

Signs that a Senior Driver May Need to Hang Up the Keys

Whether you are a senior driver yourself or know someone who is, keep an eye on these signs that it may be time to stop driving to prevent accidents.

No one wants to admit they can’t drive any longer due to old age. Unfortunately, this means that someone may need to keep an eye out. While it can be a very uncomfortable conversation with a senior driver, it needs to be done for the safety of the driver and others on the road. Here are signs that driving is becoming dangerous for an older person.

1. Close Calls
We all have close calls every now and then. However, when the close calls are happening more and more often, it’s a sign that it might be time to hang up the keys. One day, the close call might not be a close call but instead an accident that can injure the senior driver, pedestrians, or other drivers.

2. Delayed Responses
As we get older, our reflexes tend to slow down. For a senior driver, a delayed response can have dangerous consequences. If you notice your loved one responding to situations slower, it might be best to stay off the road.

3. Physical Limitations
Some physical problems can make it difficult to move and maneuver things like you once used to. If someone is having physical problems, this could impede his or her ability to drive. This is true when it comes to ailments like arthritis, MS, brittle bones, and a number of other problems.

4. Lack of Confidence
Some older people simply lose their confidence. The world gets scarier. Stimulation can be overwhelming. If someone isn’t comfortable behind the wheel, he or she should have a home care professional help with transportation.

Luckily, there are a number of senior transportation options, especially with home senior care agencies like BlueDot Cares. Home care workers can help with driving as well. If you start to notice these signs, simply contact us today. You can still live an extremely fulfilling life without risking it by driving.

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