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Talk With Your Employer in Advance About Elderly Care While You’re At Work

Informing your employer about having elderly care while you’re at work can facilitate your ability to provide appropriate care for your loved one.

If you are dealing with aging parents, like many people, you may be like many people who are juggling this responsibility along with managing your own life. A full-time job may take up most of your time and energy, but you can still ensure that your loved one has the elderly care he or she needs. Employers and family care benefits can help you coordinate elderly care more effectively and ensure your work duties do not suffer.

Be Realistic About the Challenges to Your Work Life
Even if you have elderly care while you’re at work, you may need to take phone calls from caregivers more frequently, which can delay other tasks that may be required. That’s why scheduling elder care while you’re at work can be so critical to ensuring continued good performance on the job, as well as providing appropriate supervision for your loved one.

Find Out If Your Company Provides Benefits For Elder Care
Many employers understand that caring for elders can put a strain on time and energy resources. Offering benefit packages that address elder care issues allows workers to stay on the job and fully engaged in their work. Some companies may provide referral services to elder care agencies. Others may provide on-site elderly care as a back-up measure. Other benefits may include counseling for those providing care for elders or ways to connect to support groups for those caring for elder family members.

Offer Alternatives That Will Satisfy Your Work Responsibilities
Talk to your employer about ways you can make up for any disruptions that may occur in your work schedule. Offer to come in early or work through lunch breaks. Some positions may allow you to work from home to stay on your usual schedule.

Maintain A Positive, Can-Do Attitude
Try to convey the idea that you have a plan for the care of your loved one and can manage the dual responsibilities of work and elderly care. Your employer will be reassured that you will be making a wholehearted effort to manage the challenge of elderly care while you’re at work, along with your usual work tasks.

Being the main caregiver for an elderly relative is a big responsibility that often requires juggling many tasks. A compassionate and reliable elder care agency such as BlueDot Cares can provide critical day-to-day help, as well as respite care to allow you to refresh you spirit after a hectic week. Take advantage of employers and family benefits to provide the best care for your loved one.

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