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Can I get a Prescription Without Going to the Doctor?

When it's difficult to get to a doctor in person, an online doctor may be able to diagnose your problem and give you an online prescription.

You should never take certain medications without a prescription. However, given the current times when most people are either too busy or face difficulties visiting a doctor, a concern arises on how to obtain one.

You don’t necessarily need to visit a doctor in person to get your prescription. Advanced technology has improved telemedicine, whereby a physician can prescribe your medication with ease through an online platform.

An online doctor, or virtual doctor, can give you an online prescription or approve a refill on your existing one and send it to your pharmacy electronically. If you are a caregiver, you won’t have to take the elderly or your loved ones to a hospital or clinic each time they have a minor infection.

Some examples of websites you can use to set up a virtual doctor visit are Nexuscare, HeyDoctor, and MDLIVE.

Are Online Doctors Effective?

Other than their locations, online doctors work similarly to physical doctors. They are a great option in treating non-emergency conditions such as mental issues and bacterial infections. You also don’t have to visit the doctor for chronic illnesses and prescription refills.

Most online solutions have the expertise to prescribe medication for a wide range of diseases. The process is time-saving and efficient. A typical online doctor visit lasts only around 15 minutes.

What if I need a Lab?

Laboratory tests require body fluids that you obviously can’t pass online to the doctor. Don’t worry though, as your virtual doctor understands the need for lab tests and will recommend the ideal lab.

Once you have the lab order, you can visit any appropriate laboratory for the tests. Most of the doctors also partner with laboratories for ease in communication and operations.

How do I Choose an Online Doctor?

There are several factors to consider when choosing an online doctor. Your primary consideration may be the doctor’s experience in the profession and online medication. Experienced virtual doctors know the best questions to ask to determine your condition.

A qualified online doctor will facilitate your consultation with proper communication channels and connections to other facilities like laboratories.

Bottom Line

Advanced technology has changed how patients interact with doctors. Instead of visiting the doctor’s premises, many patients prefer online prescriptions. Online medicine is the future of medicine.

Of course, there are times in which a physical doctor appointment is necessary, and for these times, BlueDot Cares is happy to help with our Transportation Services for seniors.

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