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Depression can be hard on seniors.

Depression and Seniors

Depression is hard to deal with at the best of times, but can be incredibly difficult for seniors. Here are some tips to help seniors in their time of need.

Have you been worried about your aging parent’s or grandparent’s emotional health lately?  Depression can seem like an overwhelming obstacle, but there are plenty of ways to help a senior that is suffering.

Often viewed as a normal part of getting older, depression doesn’t have to be a part of your loved one’s golden years.  The good news is that a small percentage of seniors seem to suffer depression – about 5 percent.  Still, seeing signs of depression in your parents or grandparents can be deeply distressing.  They might experience factors that trigger genetic susceptibilities to the disease, such as co-existing health challenges, loss of close friends or a spouse, increasing social isolation, cognitive impairment, or physical disability.

The biggest problem is that this issue often goes undiagnosed.  When it’s left untreated, it increases the possibility of suffering a disability or death.

Managing the Condition 

Self-care is always a good place to start when experiencing symptoms of depression.  Your parent or grandparent may need a boost from you to take care of themselves.  Try to encourage them to spend time in nature, keep their minds busy with activities and games, or reconnect with the important people in their lives.  Of course, having you participate in any activities would be a great place to start, too!

Unfortunately, our aging parents or grandparents aren’t always open to suggestions of behavior changes.  Depression only exasperates these feelings.

Get Professional Help

When you find yourself unable to help, getting professional help is the best route to take.  It may be a little awkward to discuss mental health services with your senior, but the results will be worth it.

Burnout as a caregiver is very common, especially when you have your own family or life to manage.  Home caregivers can easily step into your role to give you reprieve.  When your senior is showing signs of depression, a caregiver that is trained to deal with mental health disorders can be of immense help.  They can make sure your loved one gets the help they need while keeping them safe and healthy.

Top Benefits of Professional Help 

While there are many benefits to looking for outside help, here are the top three:


Your loved one gets to have quality care in a place that is most familiar and comfortable to them.

One-on-one attention

Your loved one also receives 100 percent attention, as they are the caregiver’s sole focus.

Peace of mind

Imagine not having to worry anymore about your parent or grandparent getting injured, being alone, or not eating right. Imagine how much you’d achieve knowing your loved one is in safe hands!

We here at BlueDot Cares can provide you with the help you need.  Visit us today for excellent care in the Charlotte, NC area as well as around Cleveland, OH.

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