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Elder Care Fort Mill SC - What's Your Respite Care Plan?

What’s Your Respite Care Plan?

Elder Care Fort Mill SC-Without a respite care plan, your approach is more likely to be haphazard. You might even find that you avoid taking respite when...

If you haven’t already sat down and outlined a plan for respite care, you need to do so as soon as you can. This might take you some time and several different planning sessions to work out, but it’s worth the time that you put into formulating a solid plan.

Elder Care Fort Mill SC - What's Your Respite Care Plan?
Elder Care Fort Mill SC – What’s Your Respite Care Plan?

Figure out What You Need

Every single person is different and has different needs. You may need an hour or two a day that you can devote to yourself and keeping yourself healthy. Another caregiver might need only a couple of hours a week. Sit down and determine what your ideal day and week would look like. Make another list of your elderly family member’s needs and then you’ll have solid information to start your plan.

Determine Who You Can Ask for Help

When you first start thinking about who you know that you can ask for help with respite time, you may not think you have anyone. But you might be surprised. If your elder needs companionship, for example, then there may be a few family members who can trade off spending time with your elderly family member for an hour or two while you take time away. You may also want to hire elder care providers, particularly if your senior has more specialized needs.

Outline Your Plan

Start to match up your resources and the people who can help you with your needs and your elder adult’s needs. As you do so, you’ll find that you have a plan forming. Fill in the gaps as needed with solutions from your list of resources until your plan is complete.

Don’t Let Life Derail Your Plan

It’s really easy to let one or two little things derail your respite plan. Instead, make respite a priority. Unless there’s an absolute emergency, you taking the time that you need is going to benefit everyone involved in your elder’s caregiving journey. Giving up that respite will ultimately cause problems for everyone.

Sticking to your plan doesn’t mean that it won’t change over time. Your needs and your aging adult’s needs change, so it’s important to revisit your plan and adapt it as necessary.

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