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Elder Care Rock Hill SC - Helping Your Parent Stay Safe After a Severe Weather Emergency

Helping Your Parent Stay Safe After a Severe Weather Emergency

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When thinking about preparedness for an emergency such as a severe weather event, you likely think about getting ready before the event happens, and how to say safe and healthy during the event. While it is very important for you to prepare in these ways, you should not overlook the value of preparing for what happens after a severe weather emergency.

Elder Care Rock Hill SC - Helping Your Parent Stay Safe After a Severe Weather Emergency
Elder Care Rock Hill SC – Helping Your Parent Stay Safe After a Severe Weather Emergency

As a family caregiver, you must be aware of the potential risks your elder could face once the emergency is over, and know how to help them overcome these risks and move forward in a safe and healthy way.

Use these tips to help your parents stay safe after a severe weather emergency:

  • Even after it seems the severe weather has ended, don’t make any moves until you know it’s safe. Especially if your parent has had to evacuate their home, do not return to it until the authorities say it’s safe to return.
  • Continue to listen to broadcasts and announcements. Even after the weather has ended, there can be further dangers you need to know about. These will include warnings about trees or power lines that are down, flooded areas, water contamination, and more.
  • Immediately get in touch with your parent if they were not with you during the event. Ensure they are doing alright, and ask if they have any urgent needs. If you are not able to be with them, find a family member, friend, neighbor, or elder care provider who can be with your parent.
  • When it’s safe, evaluate your parent’s home for damage. Do not enter a building that looks damaged, or try to move any debris without help.
  • Never enter any standing water. There could be a downed power line that could electrify the entire body of water, putting you at serious risk.
  • Discard any consumables, including food, beverages, and medications, that have gotten wet or damaged.
  • If the home has been flooded, immediately start preparing for restoration, including mold remediation. If this is not done promptly, your parent’s health could be at risk.
  • Never drive or walk near buildings, structures, or trees that have been damaged, as they could fall at any moment and lead to severe injury.

Safety is one of your most important priorities as a family caregiver for your aging parent. You want to know your senior is safe in their own home, as well as when they are out in their community, and elder care can help. An elder care services provider can be with your aging parent on a schedule that is right for them, and for the care you already give them.

This allows the elder care provider to offer a wide range of fully customized services designed to meet your seniors needs in the ways that are right for them, while also encouraging them to maintain as much independence as possible, take control of their health and well-being, as that is meaningful and fulfilling as they age.

To keep them safe, this elder care provider can offer physical support and assistance for those with mobility issues, and sure their home is secure by helping them remember to lock doors and windows, assist those with wandering tendencies, help with swallowing problems and food safety issues, and more.


If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional Elder Care Services in Rock Hill SC, please call the caring staff at BlueDot Cares today, (704) 586-9248.

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