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What Are the Best Ways to Look at Pictures with a Loved One Who Has Dementia?

Elderly Care Matthews NC-Sometimes life can be frustrating for an elderly loved one who has dementia. She may remember some things, but not others.

Elderly Care Matthews NC

Elderly Care Matthews NCSometimes life can be frustrating for an elderly loved one who has dementia. She may remember some things, but not others. Looking at old photos together can help your loved one to relive happier times.

Make Sure the Pictures Are Labelled

Go through the pictures on your own and make sure that they’re labelled as well as they can be. You may need to talk to other family members to make sure that names and dates are accurate, especially for older pictures. Including labels on all of the pictures helps to ensure that you’ve got accurate information and you can help to prompt your elderly loved one.

Supply Information to Your Loved One

As you go through the photos with your elderly loved one, avoid asking questions about the pictures. Instead, supply the information about the pictures to your loved one. If you quiz your loved one, you run the risk of embarrassing her or making her shut down for fear of making herself sound silly. The goal of this is to remind your loved one of good times and to help her to feel empowered and strong.

Pay Attention to Your Loved One’s Reactions

While you’re looking at pictures with your loved one, make sure that you pay close attention to how she’s reacting. Some days she may feel more positive about looking through old photo albums than she may feel on other days. You’ll need to play it by ear and watch her reactions carefully. If your loved one seems agitated or upset, it might be a good idea to put the albums away until another day.

Consider Making a Separate Album with Your Loved One’s Favorite Pictures

Your loved one may have a particular affinity with some pictures more than with other pictures. This can especially be true if you’re going through large albums with a mixture of different photos. One idea you might try to help her enjoy the activity more is to make copies of her favorite pictures and put those all together in another album.

Let your other family members and your loved one’s elder care providers know which pictures and albums your loved one enjoys the most so that she can enjoy them even if you’re otherwise engaged.

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