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Encouraging Loved Ones While You’re Stuck at Home

Many states issued stay at home orders to protect the community from COVID-19. Consider these tips for encouraging loved ones while stuck at home.

Many counties and states issued stay at home orders to protect the community from COVID-19. Seniors often experience anxiety and depression when they live alone. Older individuals with mobility challenges also struggle with daily tasks. Consider these tips for encouraging loved ones while stuck at home.

Suggest Meal Preparation Services

Seniors with chronic health problems should avoid grocery stores and other public places. There are a variety of meal preparation services that deliver food to your door. Dietary restrictions prevent many seniors from using meal preparation services. Consider using a meal preparation service with a home care provider for special dietary needs.

Schedule Regular Conversations

It’s important to maintain communication with loved ones when you are stuck at home. A short phone call can lift the spirits of a senior living alone. Install a video chat application on your cell phone or use Facebook Messenger to make conversations more personal. You can also greet friends and relatives through a screen door or window.

Sign Up For Errand Service

Consider hiring an errand service for elderly parents or grandparents. An errand service picks up groceries, takes mail to the post office and performs tasks requiring travel. It’s important to practice social distancing guidelines when an errand service representative visits your home. Advise your loved one of safety precautions such as keeping banking and credit card information private. Many home care providers offer errand service for seniors.

Hire Housekeeping Services For Seniors

Many seniors depend on family members for help with household chores. Hire a professional housekeeping service for your loved one until the stay at home order ends. Many cleaning services are not considered an essential business. Contact a home care provider to discuss available housekeeping services. Professionals should be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before they enter your relative’s home.

Suggest Fun Activities

One of the best ways to prevent anxiety and depression is to stay active. Send your loved one a list of popular shows on Netflix. Purchase crossword puzzles and mail them to relatives and friends. Encourage fun activities such as reading, painting and gardening. Suggest daily walks, but remind seniors of social distancing guidelines.

Seniors struggle with anxiety and depression during prolonged periods of isolation. Communicating with loved ones is one of the best ways to help seniors. Encourage your loved one to sign up for meal preparation, housekeeping and errand services. Suggest fun activities for seniors such as puzzles and painting.

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