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online entertainment options for seniors

Free Online Entertainment Options for Housebound Seniors

If you are looking for free ways for your aging parents to amuse themselves indoors, check out the following online entertainment options for seniors.

The Internet is chock-full of informative, educational, and stimulating online entertainment options for seniors, which they are sure to find appealing. They just need to know where to look.

Here is a quick guide to some free, but priceless content that seniors could peruse during quarantine:

1. Reading Blogs

Show your parents that blogs, almost like digital newspapers, are pages online that are regularly updated and they represent every interest imaginable.

You may be wondering what seniors want to read about. Well, they enjoy the same things as others, but they also want a healthy dose of life experience added to their chosen content by older bloggers.

For example, AARP has many blogs on different subjects that are of interest to seniors, included “The Download,” which focuses on technology. Or, maybe your folks are looking for a general blog addressing the culture of senior life. If so, have them try “Time Goes By,” or, if they want to meet new people in a senior-oriented social media network, they should look into “Buzz50.” Of course, our own BlueDot Cares blog also provides plenty of interesting and useful content for seniors as well as the caretakers who look after them.

2. Streaming Video

Do your parents know they can watch movies and TV shows for free on websites and apps like Crackle and Popcornflix? Each offers episodes of vintage TV shows and older movies or independent films.

However, the best place for free streaming content is YouTube. They need to understand that isn’t all Generation Z stars and cat videos. People can, and do, upload anything. Teach them to simply use the search bar and they’ll be amazed at what they can find.

3. Listening to Podcasts

Tell seniors that these are nothing more than pre-recorded internet radio shows that can be streamed anytime for listening. Like blogs, they are also numerous and reflect a plethora of interests.

In particular, Baby-boomers may appreciate “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” which focuses on historical events and figures that not as well-known as those studied in school. And then there is “Good Job, Brain,” an interactive quiz show that tests their knowledge and is sure to keep them on their toes while they go about the day’s chores.

Many older folks and young people alike tend to enjoy “This American Life,” a human interest podcast that tells hidden stories from all walks of life in this country in great detail.

4. Play Online Games

Playing games online will keep senior citizens’ minds sharp and can also be a whole lot of fun. Interactive games like chess could even pit them against a live opponent through cyberspace. Chess is also great because it appeals to both the logical and creative centers of the brain, giving your parents’ minds a workout.

They can keep up that momentum by playing Web Sudoku, which requires logical thinking, or instead they could try many of the free crossword puzzles provided by sites like Boatload Puzzles or USA Today.

These free online entertainment options for seniors can be easily found online. With a little help, the seniors in your life should be able to keep themselves occupied by finding and following their interests during this trying time.

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