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Helping Your Senior Become More Physically Active

Helping Your Senior Become More Physically Active

Elder Care Gastonia NC: Physical activity is something that your senior should be engaged in, but it’s vital to talk to her doctor first. Learn More.

Physical activity is something that your senior should be engaged in, but it’s vital to talk to her doctor first. Her doctor can let you know whether she’s able to exercise at this stage of her life and how that exercise is likely to affect her overall health. Once you get the go ahead, it’s time to make a plan.


This Won’t Happen Overnight

Elder Care Gastonia, NC: Seniors and Exercising

As much as you might want your elderly family member to jump feet first into an exercise program, that’s not likely to happen and certainly not overnight. If she’s never seen any reason to get more active, she may need some time to get used to the idea and to actually becoming more active. Be patient and let her catch up with the new plan.


Educate Your Senior
The more that your senior understands about the benefits and the reasons for exercising regularly, she’s more likely to be excited about this idea. Keep in mind that you can do whatever you can to try to share information with her, but you can’t make her love the idea if she doesn’t. make sure she has the information that she needs to make the right decision and be sure to involve her doctor in all discussions about the plan you’re forming.


Take Your Time Finding the Right Activities
One-way caregivers run into trouble is that they try to get their senior involved in activities that aren’t really all that fun. Your senior may not enjoy walking, but if you get her a new treadmill, you may not like her reaction. Take the time to explore a few different activities that involve movement. Your senior doesn’t have to engage in activities that make her sweat a ton or that seriously work her muscles. Just moving can be enough and it really helps if she likes those movements.


You Don’t Have to Rush Things
Any time that you’re rushing anything, you’re more likely to make mistakes. It’s the same with starting your senior out on an exercise plan. this is not about getting her qualified for a marathon or making her hit certain milestones athletically. It’s all about encouraging her to use her body and to move it in ways that help her to feel good. You don’t have to rush that at all.


It’s not difficult to keep your senior active once she’s on board with the idea. Make it a regular daily habit for her and keep to activities that she enjoys. It might help if she exercises with a friend or even with elder care providers. Exercising alone isn’t always that much fun.


Excerpt: Your senior may know that she needs to exercise, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easier for her to do.


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