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The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Home Care Huntersville NC-In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, it may be difficult to recognize any problems in the elder’s cognitive abilities.

Home Care Huntersville NC

Home Care Huntersville NCIn the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, it may be difficult to recognize any problems in the elder’s cognitive abilities. However, as the disease progresses, you will begin to notice significant changes in their ability to communicate, think for themselves, and even care for themselves. A home care provider is often needed during the later stages in order to provide around-the clock care.

As terrified as you may be to see your loved one go through these changes, knowing as much as you can about the various stages will ensure that you understand what to expect for each stage.

Mild Alzheimer’s Disease

During this stage, the elder can most likely continue to be independent, doing a majority of their everyday tasks alone. The only thing you may begin to notice is a slight problem with their memory, like misplacing an item they use frequently or forgetting words in everyday conversations.

Other problems they may experience include:

Difficulty remembering the names of people they were just introduced to
Trouble accomplishing tasks in social or work settings
Forgetting the material of something they just read
Problems with planning or organizing
Frequently losing or misplacing valuable items

Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease

This is the middle stage of Alzheimer’s disease and can last for years before it progresses into the later stage of the disease. Your loved one will have more trouble using the correct words when speaking and may become increasingly agitated or angry for no apparent reason. Their personal care may also take a hit, as they may refuse to bathe or take care of their appearance like they should.

Other symptoms are:

Becoming forgetful over events that took place in their own history
Becoming moody or withdrawn, especially in social or mentally challenging situations
Inability to remember their own phone number or address
Confused over the date and where they are
Unable to dress themselves appropriately for the season
Sleep problems, like sleeping all day or unable to sleep at night
Beginning to wander and become lost
Changes in their personality and behavior, such as becoming delusional or suspicious

Severe Alzheimer’s Disease

This stage is the final and most serious of Alzheimer’s disease. Your loved one will no longer be able to express their feelings and thoughts, they will have increased memory and cognitive problems, and their personality will continue to change.

Other symptoms include:

Needing around-the-clock care
Unaware of recent experiences or their surroundings
Changes in physical abilities, like swallowing, walking, and sitting
Becoming vulnerable to infections, such as pneumonia


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