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What Are the Best Ways to Help Your Elderly Loved One Adjust to Having Additional Help Around?

Home Care Indian Land SC-For you as a family caregiver, hiring elderly home care providers is probably not even an idea that you question. Your loved one...

Home Care Indian Land SC

Home Care Indian Land SCFor you as a family caregiver, hiring elderly home care providers is probably not even an idea that you question. Your loved one, on the other hand, may have some other ideas.

Always Be Positive about the Topic

If your elderly loved one is even slightly upset about the idea of having home care providers around, the second that you mention something negative about the topic you’ll be surprised what can happen. The better plan is to keep any doubts you might have about the idea to yourself or share them with a trusted friend or family member. Your loved one needs to hear all the positive aspects of having additional help, particularly how they will help you.

Avoid a Full Time Situation Right Away

Jumping in with too much, too soon can present another set of problems. It’s a better idea to make sure that your loved one knows that this will be a trial situation. Let your loved one know that you won’t be making a permanent decision about this situation until you’re both comfortable with the idea. Handling the situation on a trial basis can allow your loved one to feel that it’s not truly being forced on her.

Describe How Extra Help Can Contribute to Your Loved One’s Independence

Your loved one might not understand just yet how having elderly home care providers available can actually help to ensure that she’s able to retain her independence longer. Try talking to your loved one about the situation from that point of view. Your loved one may be able to run errands while you’re at work, for example, now that she has someone who can drive for her. Always approach the idea from a positive, helpful slant.

Follow up with Your Elderly Loved One

After you’ve been trying out the idea of having senior home care providers helping you and your loved one for a week or so, touch base with your loved one and find out what she’s thinking. She may still have some reservations about the idea or she may have come around to your way of thinking. Either way, you need to know how the situation is working from her angle.

As your loved one starts to experience the benefits of having extra help around, you’ll likely find her to be less resistant.

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