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Home Care Weddington NC: Do You Check on Your Elderly Neighbors?

Do You Check on Your Elderly Neighbors?

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Home Care Weddington NC: Do You Check on Your Elderly Neighbors?
Home Care Weddington NC: Do You Check on Your Elderly Neighbors?

How often do you check on your parents? How about your elderly neighbors? It’s so easy to get caught up in work, errands, and family life that you might not think about how the elderly men and women around you are doing.

Why Should You Check on Your Elderly Neighbors?

In Minnesota, an elderly woman is very thankful that her neighbor’s dog is social and paying attention. A man from Minnesota was putting the trash and recycling cans out before going to bed. He brought his black lab out with him. The dog went off as usual to do her thing, but when she returned, she was acting odd.

She managed to get her owner to follow her to the neighbor’s yard. There, his 87-year-old neighbor had fallen while filling her bird feeders and was unable to get back up. She’d been laying in the snow and zero temperatures for an unknown amount of time. Had the dog not noticed her, it’s likely she would have suffered hypothermia.

How Often Should You Check In?

It doesn’t take long for a situation to become dangerous. If you have elderly neighbors, introduce yourself. You don’t want to show up at their house and surprise them, but you should let them know who you are, where you live, and that you’re happy to help if they ever need it.

Once the neighbor is used to you and knows you don’t have ill intentions, start popping by as often as possible. When it’s very cold and snowy, try to stop by daily. Make sure vents are clear, heat is working, and the senior is okay.

Do the same with your parents. Make sure they have heat, electricity, and running water. If there are issues with your parents or neighbors, you’ll be able to help them get the help they need. In the meantime, they may appreciate coming to your house for a cup of tea or coffee to warm up.

Consider Home Care Services When Your Parents Age in Place

You cannot dictate what your neighbors should do, but you can work with your parents to make sure they have help every week. Home care services can help your parents eat nutritious meals, take medications on time, and keep the house clean and clutter-free.

Talk to your parents about the benefits of home care. Ask them to try it out for a few weeks. As they get to know their caregiver, they’ll look forward to the visits. Call a home care agency to learn more about schedules and pricing.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional Home Care in Weddington, NC, please call the caring staff at BlueDot Cares today, (704) 586-9248.


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