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Home Health Care Charlotte NC - Aids for your Parent Suffering from Arthritis

Aids for your Parent Suffering from Arthritis

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Symptoms of arthritis include pain, stiffness and swelling. The result can often be limited mobility and increasing dependence. In addition to helping your parent maintain their dependence through strengthening exercises and a good arthritis-friendly diet, consider providing them with gadgets designed to make life easier for those suffering from this disease.

Home Health Care Charlotte NC - Aids for your Parent Suffering from Arthritis
Home Health Care Charlotte NC – Aids for your Parent Suffering from Arthritis

Gadgets to Help your Loved One

Great Grips. Place these plastic attachments on to your parent’s door knobs to make opening a door easy again.

Reachers. There are several reachers on the market that are designed to help your parent reach and grab household items. A few are the HealthSmart GripLoc and the Helping Hand Arthritis Grip Pro.

Easy On/Easy Off Sock Aid Kit. This kit allows for an easy putting on and pulling off of socks.

Good Grips Shoe Horn. A long shoe horn that allows your parent to slip on their shoes without bending over.

Good Grip Button Hook. This device assists your parent with buttoning their pants, shirts and jackets.

These devices are along the same lines as the button hook and helps your parent to dress independently.

Dressing Stick. Assists your loved one with putting on their pants without having to bend over.

5 in 1 Opener. One of the most difficult tasks for those with arthritis in their hands is opening up bottles, cans and jars. The 5 in 1 opener is designed to assist with all of those needs.

Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup. This cup aids those suffering from the effects of arthritis in their hands. Ergonomically designed to limit wrist motion.

Large TV Remote Controls. These controls are designed with touch sensitive large lighted keypads.

Dexterity Kit. A kit designed by occupational therapists with 11 products that help make everyday living easier for those suffering from arthritis. These include items that help with buttons, zippers, using pens, pencils and utensils, lamp switch enlarger and key holders.

Toilet Safety Support. This item consists of bars on either side of the toilet in order to help your loved one get up and down.

Home Health Care Provider

Helping your loved one live as independently as possible will help them maintain their self-esteem and confidence. There are times, however, when they will need the support of caring hands to assist them. In times like these, consider obtaining the services of an elderly home health care provider. These professionals can assist with the daily activities of living as well as provide transportation. They can also accompany your parent on social outings to help them stay active and engaged through their senior years.


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