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Is There a Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Urinary Tract Infections?

Home Health Care Fort Mill SC-If you are like many caregivers you are always looking for symptoms and changes in behavior that could indicate that they...

Home Health Care Fort Mill SC

Home Health Care Fort Mill SCIn your role as a family caregiver one thing that you are likely to fear is Alzheimer’s disease. If you are like many caregivers you are always looking for symptoms and changes in behavior that could indicate that they are developing Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. While early detection can make a tremendous difference in how they progress through the disease and how they manage their symptoms moving forward, it is also important to keep in mind that there are many other factors that can cause symptoms and signs that are similar to those of dementia. This means that when you notice such symptoms it is important to evaluate the various potential causes to ensure that your senior is getting the type of treatment and management that is right for their needs.

One potential issue that can cause symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is a urinary tract infection. Known as a UTI, this is an infection of the bladder or other sections of the urinary tract. In younger people the most common symptoms are physical, including burning or stinging during urination.

For older adults, however, this infection is more likely to manifest in symptoms that mimic cognitive decline. These can include:

• Disorientation
• Confusion
• Agitation
• Withdrawal
• Loss of judgment

Noticing these behaviors can be frightening, but your first reaction should be to bring your parent in to the attention of your parent’s doctor so that they can get evaluated and have an accurate diagnosis. If they do find that your loved one is dealing with a urinary tract infection, they can treat it with antibiotics. This resolves the infection and should bring your parent’s behavior back to normal.

Once your parent has recovered there are many things that you can do to help them resist further infections, including increasing their fluid intake, improving hygiene practices, and encouraging them to drink cranberry juice, which is shown to reduce the risk of developing a urinary tract infection. If your parent gets recurrent infections it is important to talk to their doctor about what you can do to help them avoid the infections and the potentially dangerous consequences associated with them.

Starting home health care for your elderly loved one can be a fantastic way to help them cope with their individual needs, challenges, and limitations, and live a lifestyle that is healthy, safe, and fulfilling as they age in place.

When it comes to helping them deal with issues such as urinary tract infections, this in-home senior care services provider can identify symptoms and challenges that might indicate something serious happening and bring them to your attention so that you can make the care and management decisions that are right for them. They can also help them to make better lifestyle choices that will keep their body healthier as they age in place. This can include encouraging them to drink more fluids, supporting better hygiene, and offering reminders to ensure that they remain compliant with any guidelines and instructions given to them by their doctor.


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