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6 Strategies to Encourage a Loved One with Dementia to Eat

Homecare Charlotte NC-If your elderly loved one isn't all that interested in eating much, you may need to get creative about helping her to enjoy meals.

Homecare Charlotte NC

Homecare Charlotte NCIt’s frustrating when a loved one with dementia won’t eat. You know that she needs to get some nutrients into her body, but she’s just not interested. Try some of these ideas.

Invite Her to Stay in the Kitchen While You Cook

Sometimes a loved one with dementia isn’t interested in eating because they either don’t smell the food as well anymore or they feel removed from the process. Invite your loved one to stay in the kitchen with you while you cook. The odors from the foods are stronger when you’re cooking than when they’re on the plate and you might be able to convince her to help a bit.

Serve Smaller Meals

Your loved one’s appetite may simply be smaller than it used to be. There could be reasons for this, such as medication, or your loved one may not be as active as she used to be. Serving smaller meals can be the answer to this problem because a plate full of food can be intimidating to someone with no appetite.

Choose Dishes Carefully

If you’re trying to convince your loved one to eat foods that you know she doesn’t like or that are difficult to eat, that could be the source of your problem. Consider trying finger foods or dishes that are either her favorites or very similar in flavor. Stick with simple meals when possible.

Eat with Your Loved One

Family caregivers are often extremely busy and you may be using meal time with your loved one as a chance to catch up on tasks that need done around the house. Try instead sitting down with your loved one and eating with her. It’s not unusual for people to dislike eating alone, which can dampen appetite considerably.

Let Your Loved One Eat Dessert First

If you’re worried about your loved one’s nutrition, chances are that desserts are not on the menu all that often. Your loved one might really enjoy them, though. Try looking for recipes that are healthy but also delicious. Chocolate pudding made with avocado is a fantastic way to introduce fiber and healthy fats. Brownies made with black beans can do the same. Neither of these dishes taste like avocado or black beans, too, making them excellent desserts.

Keep Appointments with Her Doctor and Dentist

Your loved one might have some aches, pains, or other health problems that significantly affect her appetite. Keeping up with these appointments ensures that you can find potential problems before they become severe for your loved one.

If you’re still having trouble, ask your loved one’s elderly homecare providers what else you might have luck trying. They often have experience with loved ones who aren’t interested in eating and can give you tricks that can help.

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