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Homecare Huntersville NC - What Do I Do When Dad's Vision Becomes a Problem?

What Do I Do When Dad’s Vision Becomes a Problem?

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You’ve noticed your dad is walking into pieces of furniture. He’s complaining about having a harder time seeing things at night. As his vision changes, you’re developing concerns about his ability to drive and to live alone.

Homecare Huntersville NC - What Do I Do When Dad's Vision Becomes a Problem?
Homecare Huntersville NC – What Do I Do When Dad’s Vision Becomes a Problem?

Here are tips on handling vision problems in your aging dad.

See an Eye Doctor

The very first thing to do is schedule an appointment with your dad’s eye doctor. Talk to the optometrist about your concerns. Let your dad share his own experiences with declining vision. A number of tests will be run. Typically, your dad’s eye doctor will check for cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

• Cataracts: With cataracts, a cloudy film starts to cover the lens of the eye, which leads to blurred vision.

• Diabetic Retinopathy: High blood sugar levels impact the retina’s blood vessels. The damaged vessels may leak or form blockages. Depending on the form the diabetic retinopathy takes, your vision may blur or you may lose both front and side vision.

• Glaucoma: The optic nerve is damaged by extra fluid in the eye. Caught early, permanent vision loss is preventable.

• Macular Degeneration: An age-related eye condition where you see items to the side of your vision, but you become blind to objects that are in your central line of vision.

Actions Depend on the Diagnosis

With some forms of eye disease, an early diagnosis helps get treatment that can prevent vision loss. If there is a loss of vision, talk to your dad’s optometrist about the impact to his daily activities. He may be told not to drive at night or to avoid driving completely. He may need to start taking vitamins for eye health or go for a surgical procedure. Make sure you have a full picture before you leave the office.

Consider Bringing in Outside Help

If your dad’s eyesight impacts his daily activities, talk to a homecare agency. You don’t want him to stop being active, but he may need help around the house. Homecare providers offer a range of services that include things like meal preparation, rides to and from stores and medical offices, and light housekeeping. Your dad may need homecare services to help him safely go for walks or walk around the yard. He may need caregivers to remind him when to take his vitamins or use his eye drops.

With the right homecare service providers, your dad will safely live at home. You won’t have to force him to move to a new location, but you won’t have to give up hours of your own time helping him around the house. Call for homecare services today to discuss your dad’s needs.


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