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What Are the Biggest Indicators that Your Loved One May Need to Stop Driving?

Homecare Mooresville NC-No family caregiver likes to think about depriving their elderly loved one of something that they enjoy, especially...

Homecare Mooresville NC

Homecare Mooresville NCNo family caregiver likes to think about depriving their elderly loved one of something that they enjoy, especially something that helps her to feel independent. But if your elderly loved one is no longer safe to drive, it may be time to have the talk.

Difficulty with Reflexes or Range of Motion

Your elderly loved one needs to be able to respond quickly to changing road conditions and if her reflexes and her range of motion don’t allow that, she has a problem behind the wheel. Your loved one could have these issues for multiple reasons, so if the problem is correctable, she may have only a brief hiatus from driving.

Eyesight or Hearing Issues

Drivers rely more on their hearing and their eyesight than they realize in order to drive safely. If your loved one’s sight or hearing are compromised more than she realizes, she may be missing a lot of important information that keeps her safe on the road. Make sure that your loved one’s hearing and vision are checked regularly.

Significant Memory Issues

Everybody has that one fact or item that they forget, but when it’s happening often, that’s a problem. It’s an even bigger problem if your elderly loved one is driving alone and forgets where she’s going or how to get to her destination. Significant memory issues need to be evaluated by your loved one’s doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Too Many Traffic Tickets

A steep increase in traffic tickets, and the corresponding leap in insurance premiums, are a huge indication that your elderly loved one may not be driving as well as she thinks that she is. This is especially important if your loved one has never had tickets before but suddenly is collecting them. Getting to the bottom of this issue is essential to determine what is going on.

Unexplained Vehicle Damage

If your loved one returns home with a new door ding or two, you may not be all that worried. Bigger damage, such as busted headlights, crumpled bumpers, or other damage needs further investigation. Your elderly loved one may not be willing to tell you what happened, out of fear that she’ll lose her ability to drive. Until you understand the source of the damage, you may need to do just that.

If your elderly loved one is concerned that she’ll be trapped at home, make sure that you, other family members, or even elder homecare providers are on hand to take her where she wants and needs to go.

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