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Senior Pet Care

How to Help the Elderly Care for Their Pets

Pets can be great for senior citizens; there are many emotional and physical benefits to pet ownership. Here are some tips to help with senior pet care.

Pets have been shown to be tremendously beneficial to seniors. Senior pet care is known to protect against heart disease and lower blood pressure, stress and anxiety, as well as provide companionship. For those over 60, the emotional and physical benefits of owning a pet have been well established. Dogs also offer security, as robbers are less likely to visit a home with a barking dog. Pet care for the elderly requires several factors to be considered, however.

Senior pet care needs to be thoughtful and intentional. The right pet must be chosen for the individual. Cats are a great choice since they don’t need to be walked, but dogs are also great for those who desire to get regular exercise. Older, calmer pets often make great companions for senior citizens.

The pet will need care every single day, so it’s important to make sure that the owner is up for this. Animals need to be fed, kept clean and have all of their needs met.

Pet sitting for seniors is a service utilized by many. There are also veterinarians with mobile pet clinics who can go to visit the pet at the home of the senior citizen, and pet food can be delivered by any number of services.

Don’t forget to plan for the future. When older people adopt older pets, there is the sudden question of who will outlive whom, so it’s important to decide who will care for the pet if it outlives his or her human, or if the elderly caretaker is no longer able to care for it.

BlueDot Cares has provided tens of thousands of families with quality home medical equipment, making it easier for you and your loved ones, including your pets, to stay safe and healthy in your home. Senior pet care for the elderly doesn’t have to be a burden if it’s thoughtfully executed.

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