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How to Keep Your Parents Involved While Keeping Your Distance

Keep parents involved while social distancing by joining virtual calls, going for walks, or hiring a home health care provider who can help when you're away

In this day of social distancing, it can be extremely frustrating to not be able to see your parents, or for your children to miss seeing their grandparents. However, there are ways to keep parents involved in your lives even while staying a safe distance from them.

Virtual Calls

Even grandparents these days are learning how to be more tech savvy with video calls that allow them to see and speak with their family members. With the proliferation of video chatting services like FaceTime and Zoom, there are many options for grandparents to see and hear about what’s going on in your lives, and to tell you about what’s going on in theirs.

Going for Walks

Depending on your aging loved ones’ susceptibility to viruses and their ease of mobility, it may be possible to go for walks around the neighborhood or in a park with them, while wearing protective masks and keeping a distance of at least 6 feet between yourselves. This has the added benefit of getting your loved ones outside as well, which has been proven to provide health benefits such as increased energy, better mood and stronger immune response.

Home Health Care Services

If you can’t be with your parents in person, you can keep parents involved with a home healthcare service provider. When you choose professionals, you can request assistance with tasks such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, respite care, and companionship. You can be assured that everything is running smoothly while you can’t be there for them.

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