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music and seniors

Music Therapy for Improving the Quality of Life for Elderly Persons

The combination of music and seniors is a practical application of music therapy for improving the quality of life for elderly persons.

Many senior citizens experience emotional problems from lack of exercise and could experience a positive mood change with therapy that includes dance exercise and special music for the elderly. The music helps seniors to remember special events, such as weddings and high school dances. The lyrics for a song can be a motivational factor for an elderly person who cannot easily get out of bed and who has children who are busy with careers.

Music for Enhancing a Home Environment for Senior Citizens

The quality of life is an important factor that affects the emotional stability and physical condition of each person. The sounds from music could be soft and soothing, such as from a violin, which would help an elderly person to relax. If there are pleasant fragrances and soft music in a home, then an elderly person would have some important factors for helping to control problems from loneliness.

Emotional Benefits from Music Therapy

The emotional benefits from the combination of music and seniors can be easily recognized by a son or daughter. You may have noticed that your father or mother enjoys listening to jazz music while grilling some steaks on a patio. The emotional benefits from music are also used to help visitors to relax in elevators and customers to relax while waiting on hold during phone calls.

Therapy That Stimulates the Five Human Senses

The five human senses for sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell are important for changing the mood of a person. After a delicious meal, you would probably start to relax in a comfortable chair and would also enjoy the fragrance from the roses in a lovely restaurant while you were listening to soft classical music. The environmental factors in a home, such as pleasant fragrances and soft music, are especially important to elderly persons.

Music Therapy for Improving the Quality of Life for Elderly Persons

Music therapy can be used to stimulate the sense of hearing for a person. If you usually hear tinkling sounds from wind chimes and birds chirping during breakfast, you would immediately notice silence in the morning. There are important benefits from the combination of music and seniors because music can be used to evoke feelings of joy and happiness from sweet memories.

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