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Recognizing Signs of Dementia

Recognizing Signs of Dementia

Look out for these signs of dementia in your aging loved one, and find out how to get help for them with home health care assistance.

Aging can be a wonderful thing in some ways. It can bring wisdom and feelings of serenity. There are also some difficulties associated with the natural process, however. It’s not atypical for people who are getting older to develop serious cognitive decline. It’s not atypical for them to develop a condition that’s referred to simply as “dementia,” either. If you know a wonderful older person, then it may help you considerably to be able to detect signs of dementia.

Typical Signs of Dementia

If you suspect that an older person in your world has dementia, then you should seek prompt assistance for him or her. Looking into your choices in a home care agency may be best. Elderly care can come in handy for older individuals who are struggling with their memories and beyond.

An individual who has dementia may no longer be able to recall things well. If you know someone who has experienced substantial loss of memory, then dementia could be behind everything.

People who have dementia are in many cases unable to handle things that in the past were so basic and normal to them. A person who has dementia may seem to “forget” how to do the dishes, for example.

Individuals with dementia often aren’t able to prepare for situations. They’re in many cases unable to take care of dilemmas that in the past would have been basic and straightforward for them.

Dementia often makes individuals put items in random and inexplicable spots. If you have an elderly parent who puts books, clothing pieces and the like in inexplicable parts of the home, then dementia could be the reason.

People who have dementia in many cases aren’t able to write and speak as clearly and easily as they did in the past. If you have an older parent who seems to have issues pronouncing words and putting standard sentences together, dementia could be the trigger.

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Blue Dot Cares has extensive experience caring for dementia patients in the Charlotte, NC area. Check out this short clip of Ramona Holloway of the Matt & Ramona show on WLNK sharing her experience caring for her mother who has dementia.

Caring for a Parent with Dementia

If you’re searching for a home care agency that’s associated with five-star assistance with dementia, then you need BlueDot Cares. Call us at any time to find out more about the signs of dementia. Contact us for more about our professional assistance with elderly individuals, too.

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