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Senior Self Care is Important, Too!

Senior self care is extremely important in order to keep your mind and body as healthy as possible. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Self Care becomes more and more important as our lives become busy and we spend more time caring for others, but we often forget that senior self care is important as well. Seniors may be at a stage in their lives where they are struggling with their independence, but don’t want to be a burden to family members or loved ones. As a senior, how can you practice self care in your life?

Spend Time in Nature

Spending time outdoors alone or with a friend is a great way to rejuvenate your energy and feel at peace with the world around you. Smelling the natural scents of flowers and trees has been proven to benefit your immune system and nervous system responses, as well as to elevate your mood. That’s why so many candles are nature-scented, such as lavender. Sharing this time with a friend only increases these benefits.

Keep Your Mind Busy

Exercising your mind can be just as important as exercising your body, especially as you age. Keeping your mind busy with puzzles, books, card games, or learning a new skill will help you stay sharp and help you fill your time.  Boredom can often cause depression in seniors, so it’s important to stay as busy as you can. Your brain will thank you!

Talk to Someone

Sometimes it’s easy to feel alone, especially if you’ve lost a spouse and don’t live with close family. Aim to talk to someone every day, whether it’s a home health care provider, a friend or a family member. Organizing a regular weekly call with the people who mean most to you can help you have something to look forward to. Companionship is vital to our health as human beings.

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