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Senior Activities to Enjoy With Your Grandchildren

Senior Activities To Enjoy With Your Grandchildren

Limited mobility should not hinder your ability to bond with your grandchildren. Here are some creative and fun senior activities to do with your grandkids.

Limited mobility should not hinder a grandparent’s ability to bond with their grandchildren. Creating special moments and memories with your grandchildren is a privilege for every grandparent. Depending on your interests and level of mobility, you can invite your grandchildren to participate in senior activities you already enjoy. Here are some creative and fun activities to do with your grandchildren.

1. Introduce Your Grandchildren to New Activities

Do you play the piano? Invite your grandchildren to sit beside you on the piano bench and teach them how to play a short duet like “Heart and Soul.” If you knit, grab extra supplies and teach them the difference between a knit stitch and a purl stitch. If jigsaw puzzles are your thing, let your grandchildren choose your next scene and work on it together at each visit until it’s complete.

2. Go Out on the Town

Take a trip to the movie theater or invite your grandchildren to your next bridge night. Visit a museum or the library and then share a meal together. A regularly scheduled lunch or coffee date to your favorite place can serve as the backdrop for special moments and conversations you’ll all cherish.

3. Bond With Your Grandchildren Over Music and Literature

The next time you visit with your grandchildren, take some time to gather some of your favorite songs or stories and share these with your grandchildren. Play music from your school days and ask them what they think. Read them an excerpt from your favorite book. Ask them to share their favorite stories and songs the next time you visit.

4. Create Something With Your Grandchildren

Kids love doing anything hands-on. What better way to spend an afternoon with your grandchildren than baking cookies together or painting on canvas with “real” paint. If you have a knack for arranging flowers or wreath-making, get your grandkids involved and let them share their creativity with you.

5. Ask Them to Teach You Something

Children love to show grown-ups what they can do or what they know. The next time you see your grandchildren, ask them to teach you how to play their favorite video or computer game. They’ll surely get a kick out of teaching you how to play a “kid” game.

At BlueDot Cares, we want to help you bond with grandchildren and create memories that last a lifetime. We hope these activities to do with your grandchildren will inspire you on your next family visit. We offer a variety of senior care services that you can depend on such as housekeeping, preparing meals, or running errands in advance of a visit. Contact us today and find out how we can do the heavy-lifting by providing senior care services that allow you to focus on the people and the activities you love.

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