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Senior Care Gastonia NC - Staycations Your Senior Parent Will Love

Staycations Your Senior Parent Will Love

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Traveling gets hard as you age. Rushing to catch the next plane. Remembering to grab all your bags as you exit security checks. Walking for hours when you have limited mobility is equally challenging. If your senior parent simply cannot stand long trips anymore, plan a staycation. Here are some staycation ideas that are perfect for the senior crowd.

Senior Care Gastonia NC - Staycations Your Senior Parent Will Love
Senior Care Gastonia NC – Staycations Your Senior Parent Will Love

Travel to Another Country Without Leaving the Patio

Gather the family and plan a trip to another country without leaving your mom and dad’s patio or deck. Potluck is easy to do. Everyone brings an appetizer, dessert, or entree from the country your parents choose. Download a musical artist that comes from that country and buy decorations that set the stage.

For example, if your parents choose Hawaii, get some leis, coconut cups, and tiki torches at a discount store. Have everyone bring a Polynesian dish of their choosing. Make a pitcher of non-alcoholic Blue Hawaii mocktails. Play ukelele music and try your hand at hula dancing. After the meal, head inside for a movie or documentary that’s filmed in Hawaii.

Go Camping

Take your parents camping without leaving the yard. Set up a grill where you can have a “campfire” for roasting hot dogs on sticks and then make s’mores after. Spray the perimeter of the yard with mosquito repellent to keep them away. Look at the stars and tell stories around the fire. When they’re tired, they can retire into their comfortable bed.

Create Your Own Film Festival

If the weather isn’t ideal for being outside, host a film festival in your parents’ living room. Pick a theme, such as movies released the year you were born or the year they got married, and get a list ready. Call the local library to see if they have movie loans, if not find the movies on Netflix or rent them from a service like Red Box. Make lots of popcorn, buy candy, and stock up on drinks. Settle in for an afternoon and evening of watching movies together.

While your parents may not be up to traveling anymore, you want to go but worry about leaving them for a week or two. Call a senior home care agency and discuss the benefit of caregivers. While you take a much-needed vacation, caregivers can take care of your mom and dad. You’ll get reports and know that your parents are in good hands, which allows you to really enjoy your time away.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional Senior Services in Gastonia NC, please call the caring staff at BlueDot Cares today, (704) 586-9248.

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