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Senior Care Weddington NC

How Safe Are the Sink and Counter Areas in Your Senior Loved One’s Bathrooms?

Senior Care Weddington NC-The sink and counter, commonly also called the vanity area, in your senior loved one's bathroom can probably use a bit of...

Senior Care Weddington NC

Senior Care Weddington NCThe sink and counter, commonly also called the vanity area, in your senior loved one’s bathroom can probably use a bit of sprucing up in terms of overall safety. Here are some items on which to focus.

Check Counter Space

Small counters can’t hold a lot and if your loved one has a lot of bathroom clutter, such as toiletries, medications, and other items, you might need to develop a better system for storing them. One way to do this is to install a medicine cabinet on the wall if you’re short on space. If there’s plenty of floor space, add a cabinet or small stand to hold necessary items.

Check the Sink Height

If the sink is too low or too high for your loved one, either can present a safety issue. A step stool can help when the sink is too high, but that might not be a great idea for a loved one who has balance challenges. Another option is to hire someone to raise or lower the sink. This can be a more complicated solution, but it might be necessary for your loved one’s well-being.

Change out Knobs

A simple and inexpensive change that you can make on your own is to change out the knobs on the sink’s faucet for levers. One that controls both hot and cold water is ideal and helps to reduce the risk of scalding if your loved one accidentally turns the wrong faucet on. A lever-style faucet is much easier to manage, even for you if your hands are full.

Round off Sharp Corners and Edges

Take a good look at the corners and edges of the sink area. If they’re sharp and pointy, they can present a hazard if your loved one should fall against them or bump into them. A quick solution that doesn’t have to be expensive is to get corner and edge bumpers meant for child-proofing and slip them over the sharp areas.

Install a Magnifying Mirror

Seeing herself in the mirror can be a problem if your loved one has trouble with her vision. Install a magnifying mirror so that she can easily see what she needs to in the mirror without having to bend over or contort herself.

Let your loved one’s senior care providers know what changes you plan to make in the bathroom so that they can help your loved one avoid danger spots until they’re corrected.

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