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Respite care can be the answer to your senior care problems!

What is Respite Care?

Providing round-the-clock care for an elderly loved one can be stressful. With respite care, your senior can get the care they need while you take a break!

Providing for the needs of someone ill or elderly can be draining.  Respite care can give you a much needed break, while ensuring that your loved still receives the attention they need.  Being a caregiver for seniors can be as rewarding as it is exhausting, and sometimes you need a break.

Caring for an elderly parent can be difficult, especially if you have a full-time job and children. Respite care can give you a reprieve from your daily duties, so you can run errands, go to a meeting, or just take a breath.

Respite Care

Respite care can be in your home or a care facility. Most people are more comfortable with home service because it keeps their loved ones in familiar surroundings. This is especially important if the person has dementia or Alzheimer’s. With home care, companions look after their clients and may do some cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, and bathing, among other services that can be found here.

In a facility, the care can be for a day, overnight, or for a few days. Staffers care for seniors in a setting that allows them to be around others with some of the same health issues. In this setting, they can take part in activities with their own peers.  Seniors often find this change of pace fun as it gives them some time away from their typical abode as well as a chance to interact with others.

In-home respite care can get your loved one out of the house, as well.  A companion can take seniors to the park or other places they enjoy going.  The companion will be able to keep your senior happy and safe while out and about.


If you have been taking care of your loved one, it is normal to be a little apprehensive about changing the routine. That is perfectly normal. You don’t want just anyone around them. You want to be sure that they will be well-taken care in your absence and that this care is affordable. This is where you need to do your research. You may be able to get financial assistance to help you pay for some or all of the amount. There may also be government programs that can help you pay for the care.

When you are looking into the care agency, it is essential to do your research. You want to make sure the companion is reliable, certified, and well-trained. Be sure to ask questions about certification and training when you speak to an agency.  At BlueDot Cares, we can offer you peace of mind and quality care.  Visit us today to see how we can help you and your loved ones.

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