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Fall activities can make Autumn a great time for seniors!

Fall Activities for Seniors

As the weather turns chilly, now is the perfect time for fall activities with your favorite seniors. We've got fun ideas everyone can enjoy together!

As the weather turns chilly, seniors can find themselves facing long periods of time shut inside without much to do.  With fall right around the corner, having fun, senior-friendly activities ready to go can make the difference between an exciting autumn season and a drab one.

Fall Activities: Make a Puzzle

With chilly wind, icy rain, and shorter days, fall is a great time to bring out inside activities that are both enjoyable and help time fly by.  As far as fall activities go, this one keeps seniors warm and dry!   Bring in a puzzle with many pieces, up to 500, to have a good time fitting it together.  If mobility is limited, puzzles can be a great way to enjoy their time, either with a partner or by themselves.  Puzzles can keep their minds and their fingers active.  If your senior citizen struggles with arthritis, look for puzzles made specifically for them!

Fall Activities: Coloring Books

Coloring books can be fun for both children and seniors.  Adult coloring books have exploded in popularity and offer a relaxing yet fun afternoon activity.  There’s a ton of options out there, so look for something you know they like.  It could be flowers, animals, or any of the other hundreds of options.

If your senior has limited vision, make sure to get one that is big enough for them to see. While some are on the shorter side, adult coloring books can also be very lengthy and provide hours of soothing entertainment.

Fall Activities: Get Outside

Fall is one of the most beautiful times to take a walk and enjoy the splendor of nature. You don’t have to go all over the place, either!  If your senior is spry on their feet, short walks around the neighborhood or a local park can be a welcome break from the abode.  If they’re wheelchair bound, consider giving them a push around the block!  Even if they just want to sit on a bench and enjoy the crisp air, Autumn is a great time to get outside.  Just make sure to bundle up!

Fall Activities: Prepare for Halloween

It is Halloween season and prepping for this holiday is one of the best fall activities out there. Trick-or-treaters will be at the door in no time, so making wreaths, carving out pumpkins, making cards, and origami are some of the activities that you can partake with your seniors. The preparations can take time so look for the fun ones so that you keep them entertained.  Sharing scary stories and reminiscing about past Halloweens can also make for some great bonding!

Keeping seniors entertained can be quite a task, but it is easy to get flowing once you figure out how to have fun.  Fall is a time of family, friends, and enjoying the change in the weather.  Just make sure that whatever you do is safe for everyone involved!

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