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senior boredom

Senior Boredom Can Cause Negative Physical and Mental Effects

Experienced caregivers from elder care agencies can help to prevent the negative physical and mental health effects of senior boredom.

Staying mentally and physically active can be difficult for seniors. They may have health problems that limit their movement. They may become frail and have problems with balance and flexibility. They may take medications that affect their balance. They may not see well or hear well. But senior boredom and lack of activity can have detrimental effects on both their physical well-being and their emotional well-being. Caregivers from an elder care agency can help to keep them active and engaged in daily life.

Boredom Can Affect Physical Health
Boredom is bad for your body. With senior boredom, elders tend to move less, preferring to sit in front of the TV or outside. This lack of activity can cause joints to stiffen and arthritis pain to worsen. Circulation becomes more sluggish, which can lead to cardiovascular problems. Engaging in movement, even for the elder population, is the best way to keep your body healthy. But families may not have the time to make sure their elderly members are engaging in safe movement for their age. A home health caregiver is trained to help elders walk safely and exercise in ways appropriate for their age and condition.

Senior Boredom’s Effects on Cognitive & Emotional Health
The inability to enjoy stimulating activities can also affect seniors’ emotional health. Depression, problems with self worth and loneliness can result. In addition, lack of mental stimulation can lead to loss of cognitive ability, memory problems and poor concentration. Staying mentally engaged with activities and social interaction can prevent these problems.

Stimulating Activities For the Elderly
Activities that help seniors stay physically and mentally fit can range from going for a walk and enjoying nature, to playing cards with friends, doing puzzles, going to the movies, or learning a new skill. These are all ways that help to keep seniors physically and mentally engaged. Some elders will enjoy learning to cook a new dish. Others may enjoy singing or dancing. Finding the right fit for your elderly loved one can help them to stay healthier in many ways.

Trained caregivers can encourage your elderly loved one to engage in daily activities that help to keep body and mind active and healthy. If you are working or have other family responsibilities, consider how a home health caregiver can prevent boredom and to help you loved one have a more fulfilling and physically active life.

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